Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So encouraged tonight. The Lord is so sweet. When I was first engaged the Lord reminded me of this song by Watermark called "Mended" I wrote in my journal how I wanted to play this song at my wedding because it was a beautiful picture of what the Lord had done. Fast forward 9 months and I am having a quiet night drinking wine, listening to pandora, and reading and the Lord reminds me of this song. This time, He pricks my heart with these lyrics, "we will stand grateful for all that has been left behind and for all that goes before us...Lord you are to be praised." 

As the holidays come close it is easy for me to sink into sad mode comparing this time this year to last year. I just can't even do it. I am so excited for what He is doing ahead of me that there is no time for sadness. I am filled with a thankful heart. The year of 2012 I can honestly say has been a year of pain and sorrow, but will end with Joy and Praise. 

Song of the day is "Mended" by Watermark. This song is one the Lord continues to thread through my life. Through the joys, the pain, the tears, and the praise, it is a song I will forever love and be thankful for.

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