Monday, April 25, 2011


She was so mad at me for A. putting her in her stroller, and B. for putting her sunglasses on her
She loves her little bouncy seat!!!

This is my last week with baby Addison! I have grown SO attached to her that I am going to cry when I don't see her everyday! Gosh, spending all this time with her has made me want a kid of my own EVEN MORE! I'll keep being patient, but I might just take one home from the grocery if I don't get one of my own soooooooon! Well, maybe not the grocery considering my speciality are black African/Haitian babies....but you get what I'm saying!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

HOPE in the DARK pt. II

Tonight all that my heart could cling to was that in HIM

we find our hope to live. It is so funny to me that ever since I have a tattoo on my wrist that reads,

"bay espwa" the Lord is bringing up HOPE in so many aspects of my life. Tonight, Every time I would

get sad or feel anxious that my HUGE desire for adoption was not going to happen I would look at my

wrist and be reminded that HE is using me to 'give hope' to the world in many different ways.

Including waiting patiently and trusting that I will love orphans, whether or not I have 30 of my own

or I support and love on families that are adopting; I will be loving and giving hope to a dark world.

HOPE in the DARK

"....When you did it to one of the least of these... you were doing it to me."
-Matthew 25:40

This little shirt is one of the items I came home with tonight. The flower on the shirt is the last thing that Maria drew before the accident. When Steven Curtis Chapman ran outside to see what had happened, he cried out to the Lord saying, "I need to SEE you Jesus!" He had no idea that later that day when it was really true that Maria had gone home to be with her Papa that her last drawing was a picture of a flower with six petals (six in the family, only one being colored in) and with the word SEE on it. The Lord loves/speaks to us in some crazy ways sometimes thats for sure.
Espwa. Tumaini. Hope. 希望 [xī wàng].esperança.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Girls Go To The Prom...

This past Saturday Kelsey, Caroline, Samantha, Cydney, and Allie all went to the West prom. They all looked absolutely gorgeous! It was so crazy to be a part of this. I feel like just yesterday we were at Sharp Top before their freshman year of high school with braces, ring pops, and stuffed animals... and now they are juniors almost seniors going to the prom. It was also weird because I remember my Junior prom like it was just last week! I remember how Thomas asked me, I remember where I got my dress, I remember all of us getting ready and taking pics in gettysvue. I remember dancing my heart out, and sweating all that hard work of make up off. It was just so sweet to be apart of these five girl's special day! They each have a very special part in my heart and I pray that the Lord will continue to write our stories allowing me to be a part of theirs for more years to come!

Kels' shoes!!!!!!!
So sweet..sisterly love right here!!! Fake eyelashes are a prom must!
Curly iron chaos and lots of make up time!!!
Gorgeous.... need I say more!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Baby Laughing Hysterically at Ripping Paper (Original)

Playing Mom

I was making noises to get her to smile and then it snapped the picture...

So, I have pretty much mastered the mind of a 3 month old. In a normal baby's world they cry for four reasons: 1.Feed me. 2. Pay attention to me. 3. Change me. 4. Or put me to sleep. Well, in the mind of Addison she cries for those four reasons and some others...She loves to suck on my arm and when you take your arm away and give her a passé she screams at the top of her lungs. Or if she is watching Curious George and you change the channel to Ellen, because it is 11 and that is what we do everyday at 11 is watch Ellen, she screams at the top of her lungs. Or if you are going on a stroller ride and she doesn't like the pace you are going she screams at the top of her lungs until you speed up. Or what about when she is in her bumbo seat and she can see you out of the corner of her eye, but then you walk away to go the bathroom or something... she screams!!! Hahahahaha

I really do love watching her. Staying with her everyday has made me get so excited for the day that I have one (10) of my own. I love how she needs me! I love how if you smile at her she smiles the biggest smile back at you! I can not wait to be a mommy one day!!


When I was preparing to go to Mozambique I read this book. I remember flipping the pages as I was on the Quarry Trail shuttle bus. I was reading the words "He is always enough." while the conversations around me were about the game that weekend. It's amazing how God can prick your heart in any circumstance! I encourage everyone to read this book and let the Lord prick your heart even deeper for His kingdom!